Dr. Johanna Ward has won many awards as one of the UK's leading skin doctors. Dr. Ward formulated and created ZENii along with a team of doctors, cosmetic scientists and nutritionists to create the cutting edge range of supplements and skincare.

The ZENii brand is focused on optimising cellular nutrition and connecting what goes into the body with how skin is treated topically. ZENii is passionate about nourishing skin from both the inside and the outside. 

The complete ZENii range is available from Face the Future. We are authorised stockists of the ZENii product range and all products are available to buy online, by phone on 0113 282 7744 or at our advanced skin clinic.

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ZENii Skin Fusion

The ultimate blend of high strength marine collagen, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in a bioavailable form

ZENii Pro Collagen+ Powder

This high strength marine collagen powder can be to juices and smoothies and helps to enhance a daily regime with type 1 & 3 of marine collagen – boosting skin, hair, nail, joint and bone...

ZENii Salicylic Exfoliator

This clinically proven 2% salicylic acid lotion helps to control oils and shed the build up of dead skin cells.

ZENii Radiance Roller

Roll your way to brightened and rejuvenated skin with this high caliber at home microneedling device.

ZENii Triple Omega 3

High strength Omega 3 formula, delivering essential fats needed for skin health, radiance and total body health.

ZENii ProClear

Combatting anti-inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

ZENii ProLuminous

Clinically proven antioxidant-based supplement to create youthful glowing skin with added hydration and reducing uneven skin tone.

ZENii Sunshine Bottled

This premium Vitamin D3 supplement in a high strength (1000IU) dose helps to maintain healthy bones, immunity, cardiovascular function, brain health, skin health and general wellbeing.

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ZENii Micronutrient Repair Night Cream

This multivitamin for the skin is suitable for all skin types helping to restore a youthful glow and de-stressing the skin and helping its repair.

ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum

This unique concentrated serum formulated with 20% L ascorbic acid is the perfect serum for anyone wishing to prevent ageing, repair photodamage, reduce pigmentation and increase collagen support within their skin.

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ZENii Rebalance

Formulated specifically for women wanting to restore the balance of their hormones and increase general health. This unique supplement helps to calm both the mind and the body.

ZENii Antioxidant Q10 Toner

This unique mild water based toner helps to nourish the skin whilst providing various antioxidant benefits.

ZENii Advanced Retinol Complex

Retinol is one of the most highly researched skincare ingredients and is used to treat signs of ageing, pigmentation, enlarged pores and acne. By helping to stimulate cell turnover and creating a younger and healthier...

ZENii Chamomile & Papaya Cleanser

Purify skin by removing daily debris and makeup; skin is refreshed thanks to natural ingredients such as Orange oil and Vitamin E.

ZENii Immune Defence

Provide full spectrum protection for your immune system with his powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

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ZENii Probiome Max

Boosting good bacteria within the digestive system allows this unique supplement to enhance immune system function, improve digestive functions, improve resistance to infections, reduce canida overgrowth, reduce bloating and relieve symptoms of IBS.

ZENii Stem Cell Renewal Cream

Helping to protect the skin from free radical damage whilst also nourishing and hydrating from within makes this the perfect multi-use product for all skin types.

ZENii Clean & Lean

This detoxifying and cleansing vegan supplement helps support weight loss and improves gut health.

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ZENii ProHydrate

Clinically proven to hydrate skin whilst increasing elasticity and collagen production.

ZENii Moisturising Sun Protection

A unique sophisticated formula with essential ingredients such as Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera provides the ultimate sun protection and hydration to the skin.

ZENii Hyaluronic Booster Serum

Providing skin with ‘hydration in a bottle’ this effective rehydrating treatment helps to plump the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst also providing cellular rehydration.

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ZENii Hand and Nail Cream

Containing unique natural active ingredients including cocoa butter, which is deeply hydrating and full of antioxidants helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst also nourishing the hands.

ZENii Clarifying Masque

Suitable for all skin types this dead sea mud masque contains ingredients such as glycolic acid, zinc oxide and dead sea mud providing oil and pore control for even sensitive skin.

ZENii ProLean

Designed to support weight loss and portion control, these supplementary capsules are clinically proven to provide slimming support.

ZENii Revitalising Eye Cream

Suitable for all skin types, this unique eye cream provides deep hydration for the eye area, helping to lock in moisture and create a more youthful and hydrated eye area and reducing fine lines and...

ZENii Cell Sense Daily Exfoliating Polish

This unique gentle exfoliator uses natural minerals for the scrub – not plastic beads. Especially suited for those suffering with oily and congested skin due to benefits such as reducing pore size.


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