LABthetics Mini Facial Kit

LABthetics Mini Facial Kit

Treat your skin to an at-home facial with this Mini Facial Kit! The kit includes a cleanser, toner, enzyme mask, hydrating serum and Vitamin A cream. Read More

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Indulge in a mini facial wherever you are in the world! Whether you’re trying out LABthetics for the first time or looking for some miniatures for your weekend away to save on precious suitcase space, the LABthetics Mini Facial Kit is what you need.

Benefits of LABthetics Mini Facial Kit:
  • Mini facial at home
  • Includes cleanser, toner, enzyme mask, hydrating serum & Vitamin A cream
  • Ideal for travelling & weekends away
  • The perfect introduction to the LABthetics product range
  • Contains four mini products & one full-size products
  • Provides a complete skincare regime

The kit contains a complete skincare routine including a cleanser, toner, enzyme mask, Hyaluronic Acid serum and Step 1 in LABthetics’ Vitamin A system.

It couldn’t be any easier to start a new skincare regime with the LABthetics Mini Facial Kit. The kit contains everything you need for a mini facial at home and is also the perfect opportunity to try LABthetics for the first time, or if you're already using the LABthetics, you can now get your hands on miniature versions of your existing skincare regime!

What you will find in your LABthetics Mini Facial Kit: 

LABthetics Conditioning Milk Cleanser

This non-stripping and low emulsification cleanser works with skin, rather than against it, by gently cleansing to remove makeup and debris and leaving skin clean and fresh. The gentle formula maintains skin’s protective layer and doesn’t strip skin’s own natural and protective oils. Formulated with gentle ingredients including Sunflower oil, Almond oil and Glycerine.

LABthetics B5 Toner

Instantly boost skin hydration directly after cleansing with this refreshing and moisturising toner formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Calendula oil, Sodium PCA and Allantoin.

LABthetics Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask

This weekly treatment mask supports skin’s natural exfoliation process with a natural, enzyme-based peeling and resurfacing action. This effective yet gentle powder combines Calcium, Kaolin and Papaya extract to tackle dead skin cells, dissolve pore blockages and minimise the appearance of blackheads for a smoother skin surface, reduced pore size and improved skin texture and tone. 

LABthetics Intense Hydrating Serum 

This intensely hydrating serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, found naturally in the body and is known for its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, alongside Sodium PCA to deeply hydrate and retain moisture. This serum works to plump and hydrate skin whilst also visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

LABthetics Vitamin A Renewal Cream Step 1

This innovative Vitamin A Renewal Cream step system from LABthetics makes the use of Vitamin A easier than ever before. The progressive skin system introduces Retinol to skin in stages to promote cell production, normalise skin function and promote collagen and fibroblast synthesis whilst minimising the likelihood of irritation.

The LABthetics Vitamin A Renewal Cream goes all the way up to Step 6, with increasing levels of Vitamin A.

How to use:  Please see individual listings for information on how to use. 


1 x LABthetics Conditioning Milk Cleanser (5ml)
1 x LABthetics B5 Toner (5ml)
1 x LABthetics Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask (20g) - full size
1 x LABthetics Intense Hydrating Serum (5ml)
1 x LABthetics Vitamin A Renewal Cream Step 1 (5ml) 


Please see individual listings for ingredients information.

Please check back of pack for up to date ingredients.

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about LABthetics Mini Facial Kit:

  • Treat your skin to a mini facial
  • Contains a complete skincare regime
  • Ideal for traveling

“I already use LABthetics products throughout my skincare regime, but this kit is the perfect excuse to treat your skin to a mini facial at home. It also makes it easy, convenient and budget-friendly if you’re trying out the range for the first time, PLUS you get a full size LABthetics Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask in the Mini Facial Kit, which is great as a weekly treatment.

This kit contains all my favourite LABthetics products and the essentials required for a great skincare regime. I cleanse morning and evening with the Conditioning Milk Cleanser, followed directly after with the B5 Toner and Intense Hydrating Serum.

I use the Vitamin A Renewal Cream Step 1 at night and Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask once a week to combat my dry skin.

I’d recommend the Mini Facial Kit to anyone wanting to try LABthetics for the first time.”

- Claire, Face the Future Skincare Expert