Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set
Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set packaging
Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set
Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set packaging

Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set

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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

Take your self-care up a notch with this luxurious brush set, featuring extra-soft SigmaTech® fibre and silicone brushes for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Uniquely designed to apply and blend your favourite skincare formulas without absorbing and wasting product, or pulling and tugging at the skin, these brushes help you create a beautiful base for makeup.

Benefits of Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set:

  • Extend the life of your skincare products
  • Product isn’t wasted on fingertips
  • Get every last bit out of jars and bottles
  • Allows you to capitalize on the upselling of any customer skincare purchase
  • Features antimicrobial, synthetic fibres that are gentler than fingers for
  • pampering and skin-prep
  • Create a flawless canvas for makeup
  • Designed to mimic fingertips
  • Avoids the bacteria transfer that can occur when using your hands
  • Sleek designs allow you to easily reach difficult areas
  • Reduces tugging on the skin, especially on the sensitive undereye area
  • Best maintained when these brushes are washed after every use with our 100% natural SigMagic® Brushampoo™ 

How to Use:

Use the S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush to scoop and spread thick masks onto your skin.

Use the S02 Spatula™ Brush to reach the bottom of small bottles and jars, or scoop and mix skincare products for customizable care.

Use the S05 Moisturizer™ Brush to gently apply moisturizer all over your face, using the angled brush head to reach small areas.

Use the S10 Serum™ Brush to apply gel or liquid serums onto your skin.

For gel serums, apply product directly onto S10 brush.

For liquid serums, apply product directly onto face before using the S10 to blend it in.

Use the S15 Gel Mask™ Brush to gently apply gel masks onto your skin in a circular motion. Use the S20 Eye Cream™ Brush to gently press on eye cream around your entire eye area, from under the eye to the brow bone.

You can also use this brush to spot treat blemishes.

For a cooling application to soothe and de-puff skin, chill these brushes in the fridge before use.

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