Thursday, 27 October 2016

Take Your Skincare Back To Basics

With new skincare technologies and advancements constantly being developed, it seems there's always another 'hero' product that needs to be added to your skincare regime. It has meant many of us are using long, complicated regimes that we a.) don't have time for, b.) don't have the money for, and c.) don't really understand. While there are plenty of anti-ageing, anti-acne, anti-pigmentation wonder products out there, using them all at once isn't necessarily going to give you the best results.A trend I've noticed lately is skincare going back to basics; people wanting to drop their long winded regime and pick out key products that are going to really make a difference, as well as saving them time and money. After a fascinating chat with Helen Ritchie, the UK distributor of one of our newest brands, Synergie, I decided to give it a try myself and see what benefits a stripped back regime could do for me. (You can read more about Synergie and my catch up with Helen by reading our interview, here.)Synergie's approach to skincare is simple; five minutes, five products, twice a day. They call it their 5-a-day. This involves using the essential ingredients that support and maintain healthy skin with a youthful appearance, while cutting out the ingredients that are not required and, in some cases, are potentially toxic. Those with specific skin concerns can add in one of their specialised serums (e.g. Blem-X for acneic skin, Enlighten for pigmentation, etc), but for those of us just want to prevent or correct visible signs of ageing, the standard 5-a-day regime works brilliantly for all skin types and ages.

So, my current regime has been as follows:

In the morning I use Ultra Cleanse, Suprema-C and Uberzinc, while the evenings involve Ultra Cleanse, Ultimate A and Vitamin B Essential Niacinamide Serum.Ultra Cleanse is a lovely cleanser. I always do a double cleanse as wearing make up and SPF can clog the pores, so I like to make sure it is all thoroughly removed, but harsh cleansers leave my skin feeling tight after the second wash. I love the silky smooth texture of this wash and as it is free from added emulsifiers, my skin feels nourished afterwards. It's so easy to use and makes cleansing quite enjoyable, which is saying something.I have to admit, on initial reaction, Suprema-C worried me. This vit C serum-moisturiser hybrid has an oil-like consistency once applied to the skin, something that seemed so counter-intuitive to my oily skin. Plus, I've had problems with vitamin C breaking me out in the past, which has put me off using it for quite some time. Helen mentioned that this 20% vitamin C was super concentrated, so the tiniest amount (a drop around half the size of your nails) would be enough to cover the entire face and neck area. Applying this way, I haven't had any trouble with shine, excess oils or breakouts and I love to use this in a morning to pep up any dullness.Uberzinc was by far the product I was most excited to try. Any SPF formulated to withstand the Australian heat sounds like the perfect product to keep those pesky UVA/UVB rays away from my skin! The lightweight consistency of this product was lovely, and although it left a dewy glow to my skin, I actually found my make up applied really nicely on top of it. Although they do advise it can be used as a night time moisturiser for sensitive and acneic skins, I haven't done so myself as I can't bring myself to apply an SPF product to my skin at night, but maybe that's just me.Ultimate A is a vitamin A serum that uses encapsulated retinol molecular. This advanced version of retinol means that more vit A is delivered to the skin, without the risk of irritation and sensitivity that traditional retinol can cause. I'm lucky that my skin is very tolerant to vitamin A, but the more benefits I can receive, the better. This product stimulates cellular turnover so helps to reverse visible signs of ageing, but for me it's helping to keep breakouts at bay and smooth my skin texture.The vitamin B serum was the first serum Synergie ever created and I must say it is my favourite of the bunch. Having never used Niacinamide (vitamin B3) in my skincare, I think this is the product has provided the biggest results for me. B3 works to strengthen the natural skin barrier and leaves skin with a beautifully natural, radiant glow. It also helps skin to retain moisture, which as worked wonders for my dehydrated skin.I must say, the results I have seen from using a simple, vitamin-rich regime have so far been brilliant. Plus, it helps that I love Synergie's natural-meets-scientific approach to skincare.If you'd like to give this regime a try before purchasing the full size products, it comes in a handy trial kit. As the products are all highly concentrated, you only need the smallest amount of each for optimum results, meaning even these trial sizes will last you ages. If you're looking to simplify and speed up your daily skin routine, I would highly recommend giving Synergie a go.Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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