Is Sugar Responsible for Skin Ageing & Acne?

Is Sugar Responsible for Skin Ageing & Acne?

Was your long Easter weekend filled with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and more chocolate eggs? We all know the old wives tale about chocolate causing acne, but how does increased sugar consumption really affect skin and does it accelerate the ageing process? Read on to find out more about the different effects sugar has on skin...

Inflammatory problems

There is ample research available that supports the fact that highly processed and sugary foods have a detrimental effect on skin. Sugars can activate inflammation in the skin, causing short-term inflammatory problems but also triggering long-term damage to collagen and elastin.

Does sugar cause skin ageing?

Glycation is the process of collagen and elastin breaking down caused by sugar. When our body is on a sugar high, it causes signals within the skin to malfunction, preventing amino acids and proteins in the skin from forming new collagen and elastin.Sugar consumption can also exacerbate hormonal issues. At our CQC regulated clinic, we see many patients who suffer with hormonal imbalances or irregularities, and sugar triggers extra testosterone production. This is not good news for any skin type, especially if the ratio is already out of sync. Increased testosterone levels are often found in acne-prone and oily skin types.

Does sugar cause acne?

P-Acne Bacteria thrives in an excess sugary environment. So with regular sugar consumption, skin soon starts to look dull and cellular turnover is disturbed with areas of inflammation and congestion beginning to develop or worsen.It's important to remember that excess sugary foods are never good for skin or indeed, our health and in order to combat this, a full-circle approach to skincare and health is required.

The right diet for your skin

Eating a rainbow of colours is fantastic for skin. A low-carbohydrate, low sugar diet that has plenty of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit can help keep inflammation at bay, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

How to reduce a post-Easter breakout?

Cut the sugar. Drink plenty of water. Use skincare products that don't aggravate the situation.The Danne Montague-King range of products is tailored to acne and blemish-prone skin. In clinic, for acne patients, we regularly recommend Danne Montague-King treatments and products.CleanserDMK Deep Pore Facial Cleanser is a natural, non-alkaline cleanser that flushes embedded impurities from the epidermis layer of the skin. Formulated with a natural astringent and antiseptic, it helps to keep pores tight, supple and healthy.Serum DMK Beta Gel is formulated particularly for sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. It almost immediately boosts skin's immune defences, reduces swelling, redness and inflammation, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back.Moisturiser DMK Acu-Moist offers light, non-greasy daily moisturising for acneic skin. The sulfate and paraben-free formula helps to rebalance oily and congested skin whilst also soothing and calming.

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