How To Use A Rose Quartz Roller In Your Routine

How To Use A Rose Quartz Roller In Your Routine

You've got your skincare regime down to a tee. You've found the perfect balance for your skin with an exfoliating cleanser, antioxidant-rich serum, hydrating serum and Vitamin A cream for alternating evenings. If after all that you still feel you're missing something from your routine, we think we have the answer!

In our recent blog, The Benefits of Facial Massage, we spoke about how facial massage is such an underrated age management technique that we should take advantage of more often.The luxury of booking a monthly visit to a professional massage therapist would be nice, but often time and finances just don't allow. And as much as we can try, our hands just don't seem to have the same effect as the professionals! But now we have a new tool, which is revolutionising the at-home facial massage

What is a Rose Quartz Roller?

Rose Quartz Rollers look like miniature paint roller but with two ends - one end for larger areas of the face and a smaller end for a targeted treatment around the eyes and sides of the nose. Rose Quartz is a mineral-rich gemstone, which offers a soothing and calming effect combined with the massaging action of the roller.Benefits of regularly using a Rose Quartz Roller:
  • Stimulate facial muscles
  • Tone and relax facial muscles
  • Encourage oxygenated blood towards skin cells
  • Additional blood flow boosts collagen production
  • Assist with lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce the build up of toxins
  • Target issues around the eyes such as dark circles and puffiness
The roller can be used alone or with your favourite serum, moisturiser or face mask to enhance absorption and deliver an effective circulation-boosting massage.We spoke with UK Educator for Image Skincare, Charlene Stoker. Here's what she had to say about the Image Skincare Rose Quartz Facial RollerIt's believed that Cleopatra would bathe with chunks of Rose Quartz to harness its beauty-boosting and anti-ageing benefits. It is also said to help reduce puffiness, drain the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation, while connecting you with the loving energy of Rose Quartz.Rose Quartz is one of best crystals for healing anxiety. This beautiful pink translucent stone radiates unconditional love and can truly help to heal the heart. This stone has a real calming energy that helps to relieve you from stress and worry.

How to use your Rose Quartz Roller

When you use your Image Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller, you want to use it on one side of your face and then the other side.Start in the middle of your forehead, gently glide the roller from your forehead, out and down towards your ear. Repeat this motion 2-3 times.Continue to work your way down your face, starting in the middle and pushing your roller outwards all the way to the ear.When you reach your jawline, push the roller along the jaw, towards the ear and then down towards your collarbone.You should then repeat this process on the other side of your face.This action is going to increase microcirculation bringing more oxygen to your skin helping to support the healing process and simulating lymphatic drainage.

Charlene's top tip

I love using the Rose Quartz Roller over the top of our Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask as it makes my skin feel baby soft and really helps me to wind down and relax in the evening.For all these products and more, shop online now!

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Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future & Charlene, Image Skincare

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