Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Guest Blog: Treating Adult Acne With BiRetix

Recently in clinic we have been trialling a new range of acne treatments from the brand BiRetix. The range consists of three products: the Duo Gel, a treatment gel containing a powerhouse of innovative spot-fighting technologies; the Mask, a clay mask loaded with antioxidants, minerals and a clinically proven blend of vitamin A ingredients; and the Micropeel, a purifying and exfoliating treatment that clears clogged pores and stimulates cell renewal. One of our clients, Caroline, has been struggling with adult acne for years. She kindly agreed to take part in our BiRetix trial and here is what she thought…

“Kate was very kind to ask me to take part in trialling the new BiRetix range she was looking to use at her clinic. I have suffered with adult acne for years. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that I have ever seen great results from was the Danne Montague-King products and facials.

My spots are generally red lumps under the skin; they don’t come to a head and loiter for months. Some would come to a head, become really sore and then leave a purple scar with a lumpy surface to the skin.

Week 1 with BiRetix: I found it really easy to use. It was not drying and left no flaky skin. No new spots have appeared. My skin was not oily but felt well hydrated, which can be quite rare for some acne treatments.

Week 2: At this point I was using the full rang morning and night – using face wash followed by the gel. Two mornings a week I swapped and used the Micropeel and used the Mask. Again, no new spots formed and I found I could easily extract any pre-existing lumps/blackheads.

Week 3: When I got to my third week, I was really pleased with how my skin was looking and other people were noticing an improvement also. A couple of little yellow heads appeared on side of my nose but extracted easily leaving no marks. These always appeared overnight.

Week 4: My skin continues to improve and has become even clearer. A couple of my old pre-existing spots and lumps have resurfaced but they healed very quickly. Overall, my skin feels less bumpy and looks clearer. I’m really looking forward to my extraction facial and laser treatment next week, which will hopefully start to reduce the purple marks that have built up over the years.

In summary, I would highly recommend this product. I found I got the same results as the Danne Montague-King range but BiRetix feels less harsh and is easier to use. My skin didn’t dry out so my makeup looked better. Overall, a great result just from these products. The facials and laser treatments in clinic start after 4 weeks, so I hope for continued improvement on the appearance of old scars, but this has definitely 90% improved the creation of new spots already just in 4 weeks.”

For any more information on the BiRetix range, please call one of our skin experts on 0113 282 7744.

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