Tuesday, 06 June 2017

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The rise and fall of dermal fillers has been played out publicly for all to see. It's hard to find someone without an opinion on the subject. Whether you're pro-filler or completely against it, it's a controversial topic that we discuss frequently in our clinic.

Most dermal fillers are made up of a semi-permanent hyaluronic substance cross-linked amongst other ingredients to enhance natural collagen fibres whilst adding extra volume to shape and mound the lip. Due to the cross-linking of the substance, this can occasionally lead to unwanted and unnatural outcomes. This has led the industry to seek a more natural, user-friendly method of lip enhancement.Profhilo sits in the middle ground somewhere between a dermal filler and Mesotherapy.[caption id="attachment_4855" align="aligncenter" ] Before and after photos of Profhilo treatment[/caption]Hyaluronic acid is a substance used in many skin creams, serums, make ups and cosmetics due to its humectant properties “ it draws water to the skin aiding in hydration and firming. Profhilo contains a stable form of hyaluronic acid without the addition of cross-linked chemicals that can cause negative reactions in that of dermal filler. It's highly comparable within the skin meaning the risks are massively reduced. It provides more sculpture and shaping than hyaluronic injected via Mesotherapy (this is the preferred method for skin rejuvenation), so is the obvious option for skins concerned with ageing and loss of elasticity. Profhilo creates volume in the skin tissue where it is able to disperse safely. The treatment is a two-step process that results in the effects lasting up to six months.“The beauty of Profhilo is it gives my clients a natural result. Filler can lead to overfill in target areas where the desired result has not been achieved; this leads to a false aesthetic appearance. I have treated several patients with Profhilo with results lasting between 4-6 months. A good skincare regime plays an important part of maintaining the effects and I always insist my patients use vitamin A. Kate Bancroft NIPFor more information on Profhilo treatments or to book your free consultation, please call 0113 282 3300.Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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