What Lies Beneath…Observ 520 Skin Analysis

What Lies Beneath…Observ 520 Skin Analysis

As spooky season draws closer, it’s times to look at those slightly weird and kooky skincare techniques that help show up the horrors that lie underneath our skin’s surface!

We recently took delivery of our Observ 520 skin analysis machine and we’re loving it!!!

The picture (right) is of me, aged 47 years and scarily shows the level of UV damage lurking underneath the visible skin surface. This gives a great indication of how much UV damage I’ve acquired over the years and helps me plan a program of care specifically targeting my skincare needs relating to colour and tone.

Successful skin treatments are dependent on a skilled skin practitioner’s ability to take an in-depth patient history, a visual skin analysis, and the ability to interpret results and plan an effective program of care. The Observ cannot replace the level of skill involved in an accurate skin analysis, however it can help to consolidate findings and highlight issues not evident to the visible eye. This fantastic diagnostic tool has five different skin analysis modes including daylight, woods lamp and true UV illumination, enabling the practitioner to identify irregularities of structure, skin texture and skin colour.

The real benefit of the Observ is that by taking accurate clinical photographs at the start of a treatment plan, we can continuously monitor progress. This means we have an accurate visual record of your before and after results! Perfect!

For more information on skin analysis or the Observe 520 Machine, call the clinic on 0113 282 3300.

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