Tuesday, 04 October 2016

Take A Look Beneath Your Skin With Observ Skin Analysis

The Observ is back and it's got a permanent residency in clinic.

You may remember last year we launched our Observ 520 skin analysis machine. It's been travelling to our clients round the UK and now we would like to welcome it to take a place at Face the Future.Many skin conditions originate from the deep layers of the skin invisible to the naked eye. The Observ 520 gives practitioners the ability to detect signs of common skin disorders, enabling them to treat and potentially prevent the onset of these conditions.Observ skin analysis resultsWith the ability to look beyond the skin's epidermal surface, we can quickly diagnose and treat:
  • Skin texture - disturbances in the skins exfoliation process and loss of skin structure
  • Skin secretions - congestion, heavy oil flow, blocked pores, acne and essential fatty acid deficiency
  • Discolouration - including pigmentation, vascular problems and inflammation
It's quick, easy and you even get to keep your pictures! All you need to do is come for an appointment with one of our specialists. In order to see the skin correctly and avoid picking up a false reading we need a clean, makeup free skin.Your practitioner will talk you through the photographs and explain the results. From here we can structure a plan to treat any underlying problems diagnosed and advise a skin care plan for you to follow from home.To book your appointment, call our clinic on 0113 282 3300.Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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