Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Profhilo: The Ultimate Tweakment

At Face the Future, our ethos is built around offering our patients those small corrections and improvements to enhance what is already there. Profhilo is the ultimate subtle tweakment that leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised and looking tighter with a lifted appearance. Achieve your skin, but better with Profhilo at Face the Future!

What is Profhilo?

Are you looking to boost hydration, improve skin elasticity and firmness? Look no further than Profhilo, a cutting edge and innovative treatment that stimulates the production of collagen in the skin by releasing Hyaluronic Acid. Our body naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid so even though it is offered through an injectable, there is minor downtime.Profhilo continues to be the go to treatment for those patients looking for natural results and an improvement in skin health. It is a Hyaluronic Acid product but unlike dermal fillers, it has no cross-linking agents to get up to mischief once injected into skin. Profhilo is often described as an internal moisturiser, rather than dermal filler.

The Hero Ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid is renowned for its hydrophilic effect, drawing and holding water around the skin cells, giving a super hydrated feel and firmness to skin. Patients describe skin as feeling intensely moisturised, plump and having an almost airbrushed look. It works by initially flooding the skin with Hyaluronic Acid but also stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to a tightening effect.Profhilo is injected gently, just underneath skin's surface and there is some slight discomfort. Downtime is minimal with small swellings on the skin for a few hours post treatment and bruising is rare. It is usually recommended to avoid physical activity for the rest of the day and intense sun or UV light exposure should also be avoided for a few days post-treatment.

Results & Reviews

The best results are seen after a course of two treatments, 4 weeks apart and improvements in skin health may be seen as quickly as 5 to 7 days post-treatment. Maximum results can be seen 6 weeks after the second treatment. These improvements in skin quality can be seen for up to 9 months, when repeat treatment is recommended.Treatment with Profhilo offers an overall improvement in skin quality and texture. Skin feels tighter, firmer and has a dewy, relaxed appearance. It gives fantastic results on face and neck but can be useful on other areas such as décolletage, hands and arms.

Here's what our patients say about Profhilo:“I am incredibly pleased with the results of my Profhilo. It's difficult to describe exactly what it's done but my skin just looks and feels so much better. I love the fact is so natural and my friends keep telling me I look really well.JK “ Leeds“I was really nervous about injectable products and didn't really want to go down the Botox and Filler route. When Kate suggested Profhilo and talked me through the process, I felt much more comfortable with this approach to ageing. I'm in love with the result. I feel so much fresher and my skin looks smooth and tight and has a lovely glow."MB “ HuddersfieldRead what our Registered Nurse Independent Prescriber, Kate, has to say about Profhilo:“I really like Profhilo and it's been a welcome addition in clinic. Results are always incredibly natural, with skin texture and tone showing improvements and a tightening of the skin, which is difficult to achieve with other products. I've used it on lots of different skin types and the results are always pleasing. It's going from strength to strength and drawing a lot of attention in the press for all the right reasons. Profhilo is a winner for both clinic and patients, as the results are great and discomfort and downtime is minimal.Kate Bancroft NIP.Each Profhilo treatment costs £250 and two treatments are recommended to achieve the desirable result.To book your free consultation at Face the Future call 0113 282 7744 (option 2), email or enquire online. Written for you by: Kate, Face the FutureImage source: Profhilo UK

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