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Pigmentation Series: Me Line

The range of Me Line treatments is the first pigmentation removal system in the world that works on specific types of pigmentation and can be used to treat most skin types, on both the face and body.

This proven stable formulation has clinical studies to back up the results:
  • Excellent results in 95% of hyperpigmentation cases
  • Significant reduction in fine lines in 90% of ageing skins
  • 85% of acne prone skins noticed a visible improvement in breakouts
  • Excellent results in 65% of melano-hematic patients

What is the Me Line treatment?

Me Line treatments can be used for all types of pigmentation, including those that have been caused by hormonal issues, sun exposure or skin trauma such as acne. What people often don't know is that we can actually treat different parts of the face and body, including under the arms, hands, knees, elbows and intimate areas.Me Line really is a great treatment for all forms of pigmentation in all areas of the body.

Me Line can help treat:

  • Solar lentigines
  • Acne scarring
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Pigmentation on both the face and body

How does the Me Line treatment work?

Me Line treatments are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart and involve an in-clinic peel protocol with the use of homecare products for the best possible results.

Both Me Line in-clinic treatments and home care products contain a combination of active ingredients that act on the pre-synthesis of melanin, as well as on the direct activity (synthesis) and even post-synthesis of tyrosinase. This controls the three different stages involved in the deposit of melanin on skin tissue, which leads to pigmentation and skin discolouration.

Utilising a resurfacing action and enzyme inhibitors, the treatment protocol should be followed by the use of two Me Line homecare products that work in synergy and complement the professional treatment applied by the clinician. It is essential the home care products are used in order to complete the treatment, enhance its efficacy and prolong the effects.

Is there any downtime after treatment?

Post-treatment downtime symptoms are usually experienced around two days after the Me Line treatment. Symptoms tend to include:
  • Tight and tender skin
  • Dry and flaky
  • Some pink and or redness that will usually subside after a few days

Who is the treatment for?

The Me Line treatments are for anyone who suffers with pigmentation on both the face and body area. The treatment actively targets:
  • Resurfacing of the epidermis
  • Reducing the appearance of pigmentation
  • Prevention of further production of melanin

Do you have an offers for this treatment?

The Me Line treatments are priced at £599. This includes two in-clinic peels (spaced 4-6 weeks apart) and the necessary home care products.

For more information, to book a FREE consultation or to book your course of ME Line treatments, please call 0113 282 7744, email or book online.

Written for you by: Kate, Face the Future

Image source: Me Line

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