NeoLift & Plump Microcurrent Facial

NeoLift & Plump Microcurrent Facial

This innovative treatment uses two microcurrent prongs that emit an extremely low voltage electrical current, which mirrors your own body's electrical currents on a cellular level, to help repair damaged skin and stimulate the fibroblast cells that are responsible for producing collagen and elastin for a tighter, firmer and more contoured complexion.

How does the NeoLift treatment work?

NeoLift is a microcurrent machine that contracts the facial muscles to tighten and contour the face. We work with two prongs with one kept stationary, whilst the other probe works along the points of the face where loss of elasticity is experienced. A microcurrent facial can increase collagen production by up to 14%, elastin increases by 48% and blood circulation goes up by 38%.

Who is the NeoLift treatment for?

The NeoLift treatment is designed for patients that are starting to notice a loss of elasticity and sagging around the jaw area, however, this facial is also ideal for anyone who is looking for an age preventative method that is safe and effective for all skin types and colours.

Is there any downtime after the NeoLift treatment?

There is no downtime after this treatment, although skin may feel tighter and appear brighter, there is no soreness and you can continue with your normal skincare routine straight after treatment.

What does it feel like during and after the treatment?

The sensation of the NeoLift treatment is not uncomfortable, you may feel a slight tingling sensation and those with metal fillings or braces can sometimes taste metal when the machine is moved around the mouth contours.The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening contours and facial features
  • Improving muscle tone around jaw
  • Tightening and reducing pore size
  • Reducing puffy eyes

Want to know more? Head to our Instagram to see the treatment in action, just look out for the “NeoLift highlight!

Treatment prices & procedure

An individual NeoLift treatment is £149, which includes a deep cleanse, enzyme mask, microcurrent procedure and the treatment is completed with LED Light therapy.A course of 5 treatments costs £595 - saving you £150! We recommend a course of 5 NeoLift treatments to achieve the best possible results. Our clinicians will also take before and after images to review your progress as well as discussing suitable products to support your treatment results.

For more information or to book in for your course of NeoLift treatments, please call 0113 282 7744 or email

Written for you by: Jess, Face the Future

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