Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mesoestetic Collagen Ampoule Facial

Plump, fresh, firm but natural. The 4 words described to us when we asked what you wanted from your skin. We may have just managed to develop the ultimate collagen-boosting facial that will provide exactly that! If you are looking for plump, fresh, firm and natural skin, read on.

Collagen is a skin therapist's favorite word and I'd have it imprinted on my arm if I wasn't afraid of tattoos! But just what is collagen? Where does it go? And more importantly, how do we get it back?

Collagen explained

Collagen is the main structural protein found in the skin. The structural net provides a resilient, strong, elastic base and its wrinkle preventing power is what keeps our skin looking plump and youthful.Not all collagen is created equal and in fact there are at least 16 different types that we know of. However 80-90% of collagen is made up of type 1, 2 and 3.Collagen types 1 and 3 are essential to maintain the function of skin, hair, muscles and bone. Whereas collagen type 2 is required to make up the fluid function in cartilage and joints.If collagen is a naturally occurring protein, why do we need more? I hear you ask.Well as nice as it would be to have an unlimited supply, unfortunately our collagen supplies deplete overtime. Collagen fibres breakdown and some simply stop regenerating, this can lead to the deflation of skin structure and a limp complexion.Research suggests that our collagen is on a steady decline from the age of 25 and by age 40, production has reduced by 25% and 50% by age 60. Though it is possible to boost collagen levels through supplements and diet, to see significant results one must take slightly more invasive methods.Collagen stimulation can be done via a number of aesthetic treatments including chemical peels and more commonly micro-needling.

What is Micro-Needling and how does it work?

Micro-needling is a treatment where a device such as a hand held dermaroller or electric needle stamp is pushed or rolled over the face. This creates tiny punctures on the surface of the skin to kick-start its repair function.When the skin begins to repair itself, it turbo charges the body's natural ability to create collagen and elastin.

Scared of needles? No problem.

Those that faint at the sheer thought of a needle shouldn't write this treatment off just yet. The size of the needles used varies between 0.5mm for rejuvenation to 3.0mm for deep stretch marks. This is tiny in comparison to the average needle size.

No pain, no gain? Wrong!

More traditional methods such as Dermarolling have their benefits for many, however our targeted electronic microneedling device sends tiny vibrations into the skin whilst the needling action is been preformed. This makes the treatment virtually pain free and just as effective. In fact, 9/10 patients no longer required anesthetic cream prior to this procedure.Our signature collagen facial consists of a stimulating skin peel in combination with Dermapen Micro-needling and finished off with a cocktail of powerful antioxidants from Mesoestetic ampoules to provide your skin with an intense hit of actives.We believe in individuality and your treatment will always be tailor made to take care of your specific skincare needs. One or more areas can be targeted or if you want a full-face rejuvenation, this can also be accommodated.For more information and to book your FREE consultation, please call 0113 282 3300.Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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