Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jan Marini Enzyme Facial Vs Dermaviduals Enzyme Peel

Following on from our Spectra Peel post last week, we wanted to give you the lowdown on some of our other facial peel treatments. This week Lucy and Suzie focus on two of our enzyme treatments…

Lucy’s Choice: Jan Marini Enzyme Facial

This facial is brilliant for most skin types to gently buff away any dead skin cells and to give skin a revitalised glow. The Jan Marini Facial contains fruit enzymes to give skin a boost. Great for rosacea, mild acne, blocked pores, ageing or sun damaged skins to reveal a brighter, smoother, fresher skin. After the facial you will find that your other home care products work much better as they are working on new skin rather than old dead skin cells. You will also be happy to know that this treatment is gentler than some, so is one of our more relaxing facials at Face the Future!

What you need to know:

  • This facial lasts around 30 minutes.
  • The treatment consists of a deep cleanse to start to prepare the skin for the facial. Next your skin specialist will apply a green papaya mask onto the skin, which will resurface the skin to improve the texture.
  • Once this has been left on for around 10 minutes the papaya Cleanzyme lotion is applied over the mask to speed up the effects of the mask.
  • This mask is left on for around 5 minutes then removed.
  • Next a second mask – micro mask is applied to the skin, which is a hyaluronic acid mask that acts as a hydrator.  Hyaluronic acid acts like a little water magnet, drawing water towards it and aiding in firmness and hydration
  • This again is left on for 5 minutes then removed.
  • To finish the C-esta Face Serum is massaged onto the skin followed by the transformation crème to moisturise and nourish the new smoother skin.

After the treatment your skin will feel deeply cleaned, plump and nourished. Straight after the facial your face will be slightly pink but this facial has no real down time so it’s perfect to have before an upcoming event.

Suzanne’s Choice: Dermaviduals Enzyme Peel

Dermaviduals is one of our favourite ranges here in clinic, this is because the range allows us to tailor prescriptive products to the individual, enabling us to offer a fantastic treatment both at home and in clinic for any skin type and skin concern. One massive plus side of this is that it opens up this skin care range to those of all ages to benefit from a natural range free of emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines.

What you need to know:

  • The in clinic treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • The first thing you will experience is a thorough cleanse of the skin to ensure that your skin is free of any impurities.
  • Your clinician will then apply the enzyme mask, which is designed to remove any dead skin cells (keratinozytes). The results you will expect are smaller pores, a very even skin appearance and an increased receptivity of the skin for the subsequently applied active agents.
  • In addition to this the mask helps to prevent the reoccurrence of comedones, milia and pustules.
  • Enzyme peeling is recommended for facial skin however it can also be applied to other body parts, for example, the chapped backs of the hand and areas of bad skin on the back. This wouldn’t be included in the facial, however, but is something we could add in to your treatment if required.
  • Hot towels are placed onto the skin to remove the mask.
  • LED lights are then used to detoxify the skin and help to promote collagen – this lasts around 20 minutes.
  • The clinician will then reinforce and rebuild the skin’s barrier by layering the natural skin boosters – vitamins and antioxidants available within the range to optimise the health of your skin.

The beauty of this treatment is that we can tailor both the in clinic products used within the treatment to you and there is also a range of products that you can use at home to feed and nourish your skin in between treatments to prolong the results. Other than the fact that your skin will be left nourished and rejuvenated with a pink healthy glow there is no down time, which lends itself to being a great treatment for those with a busy lifestyle.

So there you have it! Two of our clinical enzyme treatments explained. But which one would you prefer? If you’d like further information, or would like to book your treatment today please call the clinic on 0113 282 3300 or contact us for a free consultation.

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