Get Party-Ready Legs with Microsclerotherapy

Get Party-Ready Legs with Microsclerotherapy

Ditch the 200 Denier tights and embrace your barelegged beauty this festive season! There may be a few reasons why you are covering up your legs this Christmas, it could be because you've retired your razor for the remainder of 2019 or, like many of our patients, you could be suffering with spider veins.

Whilst we already have many patients that visit us in clinic to treat thread veins on the face using treatment methods such as IPL and ACP, few patients realise that we also treat thread veins (or spider veins) on the legs.Let's find out a little bit more about thread veins and the microsclerotherapy treatment

What is a spider vein?

A spider vein is a grouping of small damaged veins that sit close to the surface of the skin. They are often red, blue or purple in colour and are smaller in size compared to varicose veins that are usually found on the legs and are raised from the surface.

How does microsclerotherapy work?

The microsclerotherapy treatment involves the injecting of a medical solution called sclerosant, which is administered by our Nurse Prescriber, and performed with a very thin needle that's small enough to enter the vessel.

The sclerosant solution irritates the vessel, causing it to swell and therefore cutting off the flow of blood so the vessel subsequently shrinks. As a result of this, the blood can no longer run through and is dispersed naturally back into the blood stream. The number of injections required can vary, depending on the extent and number of spider veins.

Is microsclerotherapy painful?

The procedure is no more painful than plucking a hair and the tiny scratch of the needle may be experienced. Most clients are surprised by how painless the procedure is.

What results can I expect with microsclerotherapy?

Results can often be immediate, however following the treatment you may need to make a return visit for another session if the veins treated are stubborn or a further area needs treating.

What should I do after the microsclerotherapy treatment?

We always recommend wearing loose clothing on the day of the treatment and advise that compression stockings are worn for a few hours following treatment to achieve the best possible results. Compression stockings can be purchased independently or through our Nurse.

If you have any questions about the microsclerotherapy treatment, for more information or to book your FREE consultation, call 0113 282 7744 or book online.

Written for you by: Suzanne, Face the Future

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