Clinic News: We Did What?!

Clinic News: We Did What?!

We understand the struggles our clients face everyday, battling with health problems, skin conditions and confidence issues. We have always encouraged our patients to stay focused in order to achieve their goals. Recently we decided to challenge ourselves by taking part in the Yorkshire three-peak challenge. 25 miles in under 12 hours. The big question is, did we do it?

It's 6.45am and after a, shall we say 'interesting', night consisting of very little sleep in an Ingleton youth hostel, we are at the meeting point in Horton in Ribblesdale. We have packed enough dates and peanut butter to last us a lifetime, the boots are on and we are ready and raring to go. After a quick briefing on how to not fall off the top, we are on our way.

Starting time 7:07am

The first peak we head up is Ingleton and with a steady ascent, we make it up quite quickly. The descent is a little tougher on the knees but with one down and two to go, we are feeling positive.

Next up is Whernside. I think our enthusiasm was a little premature. The ascent of this mountain is tough, which slows down the pace of the group and everyone starts to spread out. We managed to keep our pace up and spurred on to the front of the group, leading the way. Once we reached the top we then had yet another steep decent down across the viaduct and onto the highest of the peaks, Pennigent.

We had a 5-mile walk over to this mountain, which after rocky terrain is a welcome stretch on the legs. The weather was beautiful and very good to us. We even had to top up on the SPF to avoid sunburn, the strong winds at high altitude meant constant movement was essential. If you stop, your body temperature drops, muscles tighten and joints stiffen up. The enthusiasm and encouragement from other walkers was heart warming and it becomes a real team effort.

Once we reached Pennigent it was a tough final ascent with a few blind peaks; it seemed to go on forever. Reaching the top was most certainly worth it, as the beautiful views across Yorkshire were breathtaking. It was a quick stop, however, as we needed to plough on to complete our challenge in the best time possible. The descent was more of a rock climb and takes you down to hands and knees.

Finishing time 5:17pm

Exactly 10 hours and 10 minutes from start to finish. We made it; we beat our predicted time and pushed ourselves to the limit. Next challenge? Jumping out of a plane maybe?All proceeds raised by our event go to St. Catharine's Hospice, Scarborough.

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