Acne Series: SkinMed EnerPeel

Acne Series: SkinMed EnerPeel

The final part of our Acne Series concludes with the EnerPeel from SkinMed. Specifically formulated to treat inflammation, bacteria and blemishes, the SkinMed EnerPeel is an acne solution combining an in-clinic Salicylic Acid peel with topical homecare products. This two-pronged approach works on the visible symptoms of acne offering an effective long-term solution.

There are many things that can lead to acne; in particular hormones can cause skin to become sensitive as well as heightening the production of oil and keratin. Keratin is the main protein of skin, which increases the production of skin cells, creating a thickened skin. As skin thickens, so does the follicle of the pore, causing it to become blocked with oil.

P-Acne bacteria found on the surface of the skin feeds off sebum. The bacteria hunt for oil, looking beneath blocked pores to seek out its oily food source. Due to the low oxygen supply beneath blocked pores, the bacteria begin to multiply, leading to inflammation and causing a visible pustule spot.

How the EnerPeel works

The EnerPeel treatment consists of a 30% Salicylic Acid that is suspended in a patented carrier solution. This allows for a more gentle delivery into the skin, restraining the activity of the Salicylic Acid until it is absorbed and to enhance its activity. The innovative carrier solution allows for the uniform and enhanced absorption of the active ingredients, for 2-3 times improved skin penetration.

The in-clinic treatment starts with a gentle cleanse to prepare skin for the Salicylic Acid solution. The duration of the treatment is dependent on the severity of the skin condition and the number of treatments the patient has already had. Once the EnerPeel has been on the skin for the appropriate length of time, it is then neutralised to bring the pH levels back to a normal level and a post-treatment cream is applied.

Who is the EnerPeel treatment for?

As with all treatments at Face the Future, a consultation must be completed. This allows our expert clinicians to assess your skin concerns and make the best possible treatment recommendations for your skin.

EnerPeel is suitable for all types of acne and treats both the visible symptoms and underlying causes of acne. The targeted peel reduces oil production, minimises enlarged pores, kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and removes dead or excess skin cells causing blocked pores.

Does the treatment have any downtime?

There is some downtime involved with the SkinMed EnerPeel treatment. During the treatment, patients tend to experience a warm feeling on the skin as well as a slight stinging or tingling sensation upon application of the Salicylic Acid peel.After treatment, patients will experience some slight redness and dryness on the complexion, there is also the possibility of some flaking or gentle peeling post-treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

We offer a variety of acne treatments at Face the Future because each individual's skin is different, that's why we offer free skin consultations to ensure SkinMed EnerPeel is the right treatment option for you.

If after your consultation, if SkinMed EnerPeel is the most appropriate treatment, we usually recommend a course of 4 peels, with 2 weeks between each treatment. A range of homecare prescriptive products must also be used alongside the in-clinic treatments. SkinMed EnerPeel is £99 per treatment.

For more information on the SkinMed EnerPeel treatments and to book a FREE consultation, call 0113 282 7744, email or book online.

Written for you by: Claire, Face the Future

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