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What is a Seborrhoeic Wart?

by Thursday, October 10, 2019

Seborrhoeic Warts, often called "age spots" are harmless but cosmetically displeasing warty lesions that are extremely common in ageing skin. Patients often present in clinic with several of these growths, looking for safe ways of removal. Often referred to as Seb K’s, senile warts or Seborrhoeic Warts but the diagnostic term is in fact: “Benign Keratosis”. Who ...

Get Your Body Summer Ready

by Thursday, May 5, 2016

Can you believe that it’s May already? Summer is just around the corner, which doesn’t leave much time for some much needed TLC before we ditch the coats and tights and more of our skin is on show. However, sometimes it takes more than a quick slap of moisturiser to boost our body confidence – ...